Corporate Responsibility

As an initiator, developer and manager of property investments, we directly influence our environment and our society on a daily basis. We rise to the challenge and always pursue the goal of creating serious and sustainable added value in all our investments and projects.

We have also developed our internal ESG guidelines (Environmental, Social, Governance) accordingly, which we regularly review for their effectiveness and adapt to our own experiences.

We are convinced that a consistently implemented, clear ESG strategy can increase the value of our investments and minimise potential risks. In this way, we create financial and social benefits for our companies and employees as well as for our business partners and investors.


We consider the protection of our environment as a strategic goal and our actions promote the efficient use of resources and the minimisation of emissions. As a property developer, investor and operator, we recognise the extent of our influence on our environment and always aim to reduce CO2 emissions in order to achieve climate neutrality in the long term.

In this way, we endeavour not only to offer our investors sustainable products, but also to take active responsibility for the environment and society. We pass this approach on to our employees and business partners and encourage them to make a contribution to environmentally sustainable behaviour.


Sustainable management also includes the social responsibility of a company, i.e. the impact of its actions on society. We attach particular importance to the physical and mental well-being of our employees. Fair working conditions, flexible working hours, fitness programmes, appropriate remuneration and training and development opportunities not only make us a more attractive employer, but also create a tolerant and respectful working environment. Diversity and personality are just as central criteria for our personnel recruitment as expertise and the ability to work in a team.

Corporate social responsibility is part of our corporate philosophy and is firmly anchored in our core values. Taking responsibility and demonstrating our social commitment are particularly important to us. Our Group is consciously committed to organisations whose philosophies we support. As a clear commitment to our locations in Vienna and Munich, we support local organisations with a focus on supporting children and young people.


Corporate responsibility is an integral part of everything we do. With flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes, we practise sustainable corporate management that recognises its responsibility for the environment, its employees and society. We attach particular importance to transparency. This creates trust, enables quick reactions and guarantees sustainable development.

As a long-term property owner, fund manager, landlord and asset manager, we are aware that our decisions have a major impact on the environment and society. By adhering to the described standards and guidelines in all decision-making processes and areas of activity, we make our best possible contribution. By collaborating with other companies with a similar ESG approach, we increase our effectiveness in implementing these principles.

We see this challenge as an opportunity to improve our properties and their locations while increasing tenant satisfaction and loyalty.

We want to support investors and customers not only in choosing appropriately structured investment vehicles, but also in protecting their assets from climate-related risks.

You can find more information in our ESG guidelines.