APM Holding is an independent service provider for the implementation of successful property projects. With a focus on functionality, sustainability and profitability, APM Holding can look back on many years of experience in the following areas: location decisions, acquisition, utilisation of the project, implementation of project studies and due diligence, general project development and project management as well as construction supervision.

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BETHA Zwerenz & Krause has been a family business for more than 60 years. Under the leadership of Erwin Krause, the company has developed strongly into an initiator and co-founder of large-volume property management and investment platforms in the region of extended German-speaking Europe and the CEE region. After CREDO REAL ESTATE, which had been under significant influence until 2006, 6B47 Real Estate Investors and INVESTER United Benefits were founded with partners in recent years.

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NREV is the European association for investors in non-listed property vehicles. As Europe's leading platform for know-how transfer in this area, INREV aims to improve transparency, professionalism and best practice in this sector in order to make this asset class more attractive to investors.

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The industry initiative "ESG Circle of Real Estate" (ECORE) was founded in 2020. The aim is to establish robust and marketable industry standards for measuring the sustainability performance of properties and portfolios. ECORE scoring aims to take a holistic approach to making properties and portfolios comparable from a sustainability perspective.

In order to increase our effectiveness by collaborating with other companies with a similar ESG approach, we joined ECORE in 2021 and have since been actively involved in the development and establishment of these standards for properties in all asset classes.

By complying with the standards to be developed, we, together with all members of ECORE, not only want to adhere to the legal requirements, but also make the best possible contribution to achieving continuous optimisation towards CO2 neutrality.

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The Austrian Sustainable Building Council (ÖGNI) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that promotes sustainability in all aspects of the construction and real estate industry in Austria. Its work centres on the certification of sustainable buildings - so-called Blue Buildings, in which all three pillars of sustainability are given equal consideration by assessing not only ecological, economic and socio-cultural aspects but also process quality, technical quality and the location over the entire life cycle. Certification is carried out by means of a seal of quality in relation to sustainability in the platinum, gold and silver quality levels.

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